Real-time Robot Guidance

GuideNOW is a real-time robot guidance solution based on 3D vision and powered by Inbrain. It comprises a 3D camera mounted on the robot, Inbrain, our real-time workpiece localization AI, and GuideNOW Studio, a web application for the training of our AI algorithms for each CAD model or 3D scan.

Upload the 3D model of the workpiece & train Inbrain.


Inbrain is the most efficient 3D matching vision technology currently available.

Its AI-powered system can quickly process large amounts of 3D data and determine the position and orientation of a workpiece. The technology adapts the robot's trajectory in real-time. Our proprietary software is 100x faster than leading algorithms, and can work with any hardware.

The solution reduces automation costs and improves automation flexibility by enabling it in all types of environments: structured, semi-structured, and unstructured. Real-time robot guidance makes it possible to react dynamically to unplanned events.


GuideNOW enables smarter industrial robots.


After mounting the camera on the robot, Inbrain is set-up and trained offline using GuideNOW studio, where the CAD model of the workpiece and any necessary infrastructure from the environment (jigs, table, cell) can be imported. The whole process lasts no more than 30 min.

run time

Inbrain uses the 3D camera to track the workpiece as soon as it enters the field of view, providing continuous offsets to the robot's trajectory to ensure the programmed process is carried out at the correct position.

GuideNOW enables smarter industrial robots.

GuideNOW Features

Mount our 3D camera on a robotic arm.

3D Camera

Off-the-shelf sensor

Agnostic to lighting conditions

GuideNOW adapts the trajectory of  the robot in real-time.


Robust & reactive robot guidance

80ms latency from point cloud generation to new robot coordinates

Hardware agnostic

Upload the 3D model of the workpiece & train Inbrain.

GuideNOW Studio

Off-line set-up for reduced commissioning time

Handles all formats of CAD data


Reduces cost to automation

By reducing the need for these custom jigs and indexing tooling, manufacturing processes can become more efficient and cost-effective.

Reduced programming time

GuideNOW can be set in less than 30 minutes. The user can train every new reference by himself.

Improves line productivity

GuideNOW guidance is real-time while other solutions take several seconds per positioning.

Reduces non-quality

The adaptation of the robot trajectory prevents collisions with the part or the execution of processes in the wrong place.

Select a benefit


Reduces cost to automation

Reduces programming time

Improve line productivity

Reduces non quality

GuideNOW adapts the trajectory of  the robot in real-time.
Upload the 3D model of the workpiece & train Inbrain.
GuideNOW adapts the trajectory of  the robot in real-time.
GuideNOW adapts the trajectory of  the robot in real-time.

Inbolt packages

Evaluation kit

on one of your use case

Definition of the most relevant use case

1-day demonstration on the selected workpiece

6-months rental for testing purposes only

Delivery and installation

of GuideNOW for production

Production-ready solution

Industrial-grade hardware set

GuideNOW Studio licence

Off-the-shelf robot driver

Programming of 1 use case by inbolt

1-day system setup & training on site

Access to remote support