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GuideNOW is based on a high-frequency workpiece localization technology suited for all types of environments: from structured, to unstructured. This enables robot trajectory servo-control with robustness and reactivity to unplanned events for fixed stations or moving lines.

Upload the 3D model of the workpiece & train Inbrain.




GuideNOW improves the flexibility and productivity of very constrained production environments and reduces the traditionally high investments to commission a new line.


GuideNOW provides high-accuracy robot guidance with an easy to deploy system while improving the flexibility of the electronics assembly lines.

Household appliances

Improves flexibility and productivity of very high volume throughput lines while reducing non-quality due to improved reliability of the robot trajectory.


Improving productivity & cycle time for material handling (depalletizing or semi-structured bin picking) time thanks to high-frequency part localization & robot guidance.


Enabling automation in a by default unstructured environments made for humans.


For all manufacturing environments

GuideNOW adapts the trajectory of  the robot in real-time.

Dynamic lines

Easy automation of tasks that are still manual without having to change the line infrastructure and to lose productivity due to stop & go.

Fixed workstations

Reducing the cost and improving the flexibility of automated fixed workstations by removing expensive indexing fixtures/jigs. This is particularly useful for customers with a wide variety of references to manufacture on the same line but who cannot afford to waste time re-comissioning the cell.


Robot guidance for all types of manufacturing processes


Tightening, glueing, etc.


Picking, machine tending, etc.


Quality control, finishing operations, etc.