Inbolt's GuideNOW System Explained

Inbolt's GuideNOW System Explained

Published on
January 15, 2024

GuideNOW is an AI-powered robot guidance solution using 3D vision, offering real-time trajectory adjustment, easy programming, and compatibility with major robots, suitable for various manufacturing tasks.

GuideNOW is an AI-powered real-time robot guidance solution based on 3D vision, powered by Inbrain. It includes a 3D camera mounted on the robot and leverages Inbrain, a real-time workpiece localization AI. This advanced system is capable of processing large amounts of 3D data, adapting the robot's trajectory in real-time to ensure the accurate and efficient mission of the robot’s task on the workpiece placement.

Core Technology

With a specific focus on its 80ms response time and powered by 3D modeling and AI, Inbolt’s core technology takes on a workpiece-centric approach with real-time decision-making capabilities. This ensures that the solution is reliant on 3D scans and models, yet remains independent of environmental constraints or the need for markers.

Inbrain uses the 3D camera to track the workpiece as soon as it enters the field of view, providing continuous offsets to the robot's trajectory.

GuideNOW's box set

Unique Selling Points

Real-Time Capability

GuideNOW studio allows the automation of previously challenging tasks, such as operations on moving assembly lines. It can accurately identify the position and orientation of a workpiece, adjusting the robot's trajectory on the fly to adapt to dynamic conditions.

Ease of Use

Programming new references takes less than 15 minutes, with no need for cloud access. The system is user-friendly and can be used by SMBs and large industries alike.


Robustness to Light Conditions: GuideNOW relies solely on 3D data from an active depth sensor, making it immune to varying light conditions. The system performs reliably even with flash disturbances.

Hardware Agnosticism

GuideNOW can be deployed in all types of environments, and our team will pick the most suitable 3D camera for you and your needs. GuideNOW can handle diverse tasks, whether it involves transparent parts, very small components, or requires high precision (0.1mm).

Practical Applications and Compatibility

As of 2023, inbolt’s most performed operation are semi-structured bin picking and tightening on an assembly line, though the solution is also functional for the vast majority of operations that take place in automation manufacturing industries (depalletizing, glueing, etc). Inbolt can be integrated with UR, Fanuc, ABB, and Kuka robots, on both static cells and dynamic lines.

Our product matches with some of your processes? Reach out to determine if your current processes could benefit from inbolt’s technology.

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